City of Bogart Oconee County, Georgia

Bogart City Planning & Development

Bogart is a city with it’s eye on the future! With plans in the works for municipal improvements, we strive to move forward while keeping our traditions intact.

The Oconee County Planning Commission assists Bogart for review and recommendations for projects and input as needed and has a Bogart representative on the commission.


Oconee Planning and Development Office

Oconee Planning and Development Office analyzes and provides recommendations to the City’s elected officials in regards to rezoning, variance, annexation, and land use plan amendment applications, amendments to the development code, and the adoption of new ordinances and regulations pertaining to planning and development.

This office also...

  • Enforces the provisions of local and state building construction codes through site inspections and plan review.
  • Issues building permits, other permits, and certificates of occupancy.
  • Conducts inspections for compliance with erosion and sedimentation control regulations.
  • Gives interpretations of local and state building construction codes.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are collected by Oconee County through combined billing and are due on November 15 in each year.

The City of Bogart is a part of the Oconee County Joint Comprehensive Plan and participates in long and short term strategic planning. Two appointed citizens represent Bogart and serve on the Planning Commission and the Development Authority of Oconee County. Council also chairs its own committee for future growth and development.


Building permits are required for any new structure or any structure that is altered over 100 sq. feet. Fees are based upon the square footage and the type of structure. Contact City Hall for additional details.

All contractors and subcontractors must be licensed by the State of Georgia. Proof of license must be given before any permits will be issued.

Applications for building permits, electrical permits, heating & air permits, and plumbing permits are available at City Hall or can be downloaded and printed at home from the links below. 

The City of Bogart contracts all inspections with Oconee County.

Subdivision of Land

Applications for subdivisions are available at City Hall or can be downloaded and printed from the link below. Copies of subdivision regulations are available for purchase at City Hall.


Copies of the Zoning Ordinance are available at City Hall for purchase. The Official Zoning Map is posted in the Council’s Chambers for public review.

Other Ordinances

  • Package Sales Ordinance