City of Bogart Oconee County, Georgia

Municipal Services in Bogart

Keep Bogart Beautiful! The city provides numerous services to aid the community in keeping our city clean. 

Garbage Pickup 

Weekly garbage pickup services are provided to residents within the city limits. Garbage is collected in phases, beginning on Monday at 7am.  If a legal holiday falls on a Monday, then collection will begin Tuesday. To have a cart delivered to your residence, please contact Maintenance at 678-726-3244.

Only household garbage will be collected. The city provides up to two cans per household. Cans must be placed at the end of the driveway and away from objects such as mailboxes. Cans must be removed from the right of way once they have been emptied.  

Recycling Pickup

The city will provide up to two carts per household at no charge. To have a cart delivered to your residence, please contact City Hall at 678-726-3244 or email

Each cart has a serial number for accountability purposes for city hall and residents. A record of your carts’ serial number will be on file at City Hall..

Please follow these guidelines:

  1. Never use the recycling cart (blue lid/gray body) for garbage.
  2. Do not put recycling cart and garbage cart (black lid/charcoal body) out at the same time to avoid pick up confusion.
  3. Curbside pick up is every other week.  Please monitor newsletter and Main Street sign for correct week.
  4. Pick up requires cart to be at the curb unless an approved exception has been granted. All carts must be placed at curbside no later than 7:00 a.m.
  5. Recyclable items include: aluminum, plastics #1 & #2, glass, newspapers, magazines, corrugated cardboard that is clean & flattened and tin cans. Please empty and rinse all containers.
  6. Non-recyclable items: plastic bags, shredded paper, pots/pans, glassware, paper plates/cups, paper towels/napkins, plastic cutlery, food, clamshells, Styrofoam, batteries, light bulbs and wire hangers or ceramics.
  7. Each cart has a serial number for accountability purposes for city hall and residents. A record of your carts’ serial number will be on file at City Hall.
  8. You agree to use cart solely for curbside recycling. 

Download the Recyclable Items Brochure

Check the City Calendar for specific dates.

Limb Pickup

The City of Bogart provides limb and yard debris pickup services at no cost to our Citizens. In order to participate please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Stack small dried limbs and branches (that have fallen from natural causes) neatly in a pile near the curb.
  2. Limit your pile to 6 feet long by 6 feet wide by 4 feet deep.
  3. Limbs no larger than 5-6 inches in diameter
  4. One 3/4 ton pickup truckload maximum
  5. Place pine cones in a container

Note: City is not equipped to handle any trees that you cut or have had cut by a tree company. Service is for yard debris that has fallen from natural causes only.

If these guidelines are not met, your limbs and debris will not be picked up. No Exceptions!

Please schedule Limb Pick-up by calling 678-726-3244 or email

Dumpster Days (Bi-Annual Clean Up) Guidelines

The City of Bogart is committed to helping you to keep your property clear of unwanted miscellaneous materials by providing FREE dumpster days twice a year, one in Spring and one in Fall each year.

Dumpster Days are only available to residents of Bogart who live inside the city limits.

To help us to manage the collection process safely and efficiently, we need your cooperation by following these guidelines to participate:

  1. Must stop and present a mailed postcard from Bogart with photo ID verifying that you are a resident of the city (living inside of Bogart city limits) to our on-site officials at the dumpster's location before any unloading activity.
  2. Follow instructions from on-site officials where to unload materials.
  3. Practice good Safety judgment while off loading to dumpsters and avoid interrupting normal downtown traffic flow.
  4. Under no circumstances are you to climb upon or enter dumpsters for any reason. Ask our on-site officials for help.
  5. No loitering. Please leave promptly after you have unloaded to minimize traffic congestion.
  6. Solicitation is prohibited from individuals or to salvage any materials from the dumpster area.
  7. No hazardous materials to include paint containers.
  8. No limbs or brush.

Failure to follow any of the above guidelines could result in revoking your privileges to participate in future dumpster days by Mayor and Council.

Dates are Spring and Fall.  Please watch for card mailed to each resident.