Local Events in Bogart

City Council Meeting on June 3, 2019

The Bogart City Council meets in open session on the first Monday of each month, usually in the Historic Agricultural Building. If you'd like to make your voice heard, you are welcome to attend. At the end of each city council session is an opportunity for citizens of Bogart to take the floor and voice any concerns or offer input about current policies and issues.


Attending Officials: Terri Glenn, John Larkin, Pam McNair, Brenda Acton, Janet Jones

Session was called to order at 7:00 PM.

Invocation was offered by Janet Jones.


  • John made a motion to accept the minutes of the May 6, 2019 as written. Seconded by Pam. Votes: Unanimous.

Committee Reports:

  • Pam has been keeping the Facebook page updated with current events happening in the City.
  • Janet and Brenda are going to talk to Maggie Collins about the City taking over the responsibility of the Memorial Day and Veteran Day crosses.
  • John announced that Ga Power has given us a quote on the new lights that will be installed in the City. This will be placed on the July agenda. The pre-bid meeting for the Streetscape project is on Friday, June 7th, at 10:00. The bid opening is Friday, June 21st, at 10:00. Both will be held at City Hall. The awarding of the bid will be placed on the July agenda.
  • Brenda presented the Council with a quarterly report from the Bogart Historical Society and The Friends of the Library.
  • Terri talked with Glenn Cain about the alley behind the buildings on Main Street.
  • Glenn stated the alley needed to remain open per fire code.

Agenda Items:

  1. Final Plat Review for Approval/1900 Atlanta Highway- John made a motion to approve the final plat for 1900 Atlanta Highway as presented. Seconded by Brenda. Votes: Unanimous.
  2. Variance Request for 211 Pine Valley Road- Pam made a motion to grant an exception for 211 Pine Valley Road. The exception allows for the subdividing of the lot without the road frontage needed for the back lot. Seconded by Janet. Votes: Unanimous

Meeting was adjourned at 7: 25 PM.

Minutes taken and submitted by Terri Glenn.