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STORM WATER DRAIN CONCERNS - "Keep it Clean, Drains to Stream" Published July 2, 2024

Washing Cars - When you wash your car on the driveway or in the street, all of the wash water runs down to a curb and into the nearest storm drain which leads right to a river or stream.  If you must wash your vehicle, try to use products that do not harm the environment, and consider washing the vehicle on grass, gravel or a porous area in your yard that will absorb the water rather than carrying it to a storm drain.

Trash and Litter - Litter collects on top of drains, causing potential flooding by not allowing water to enter the drain fast enough during a storm.  When litter is washed into creeks and streams, it has harmful effects on the drinking water supply, on recreational water use and on wildlife.  Make sure your trash is properly disposed of and avoid littering.  When you see trash and debris in your neighborhood, pick it up and dispose of it properly.

Rain Gardens - Every time it rains, fertilizers, pesticides, debris and other pollutants wash across lawns and driveways, down into the streets and into the nearest storm drain.  From there, these pollutants go directly into a river, lake or stream.  A Rain Garden holds the water on the landscape so the water soaks into the ground instead of running into the storm drain.  

Keep it Clean, Drains to Stream!